Danièle GARDY                                                                                          Version francaise

Professor of Computer Science
Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin                                          email :   gardy@prism.uvsq.fr
Laboratoire PRISM                                                                              phone : (33) 1 39 25 43 31
45 Avenue des Etats-Unis                                                                  fax :      (33) 1 39 25 40 57
78035 Versailles cedex

Research interests and activities

My research interests are in the fields of  analysis of algorithms and  its applications (databases, ...),  with an interest in analytic combinatorics. I have also found  urn models very useful for modeling a number of situations.  My most recent interest is on probability distributions for Boolean functions.You can find much more information on the analysis of algorithms  here   and on the french group Alea  there   .

You can find here my  list of publications   and  the sources of some recent papers   .

I have organized the First Colloquium on Mathematics and Computer Science   which took place at Versailles in September 2000 (in collaboration with  A. Mokkadem   , professor of Mathematics at Versailles) and the second Colloquium with B. Chauvin   (professor of Mathematics at Versailles), again in Versailles in September 2002.
I was a member of the scientific committee of the Third Colloquium (Wien, Austria, September 2004) and of the Fourth Colloquium (Nancy, France, September 2006).

B. Chauvin and I have also organized the  Journees Alea'03   at Marseille (CIRM) in February 2003.

I am a regular participant of the  Journees Arbres   organized by  the Mathematics department.

I teach basic programming and algorithms at the  Department of Computer Science of the IUT Velizy   .