David aux States

Maître de Conférences (Associate Professor)
Bureau 312
Bâtiment Descartes
Laboratoire PRiSM
Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
45 avenue des Étas-Unis
78035 Versailles Cedex

mail : {my first name}.{my name}@prism.uvsq.fr or
{my first name}.{my name}@uvsq.fr


  • Current Position : Maitre de Conférences (Associate professor) in the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin. I teach at IUT de Vélizy.
  • Postdoc INRIA Saclay, ANR EXPLO-RA in the team ¬≤TAO, Orsay, LRI, Université Paris-Sud, France, with Olivier Teytaud on Bandit Algorithms and Monte-Carlo Tree Search, with particular emphasis on partially observable games, 2010-2011
  • Ph.D. at Télécom ParisTech, Paris, France, supervised by Olivier Hudry, on identifying codes and graph powers (graph theory), 2007-2010
  • Maths teacher (professeur agrégé) in High School, 2002-2007
  • École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 1998-2002.

Research Interests

I have been working on graph theory during my PhD thesis at Telecom ParisTech, especially on Identifying Codes, Twin-Free Graphs and problems related to distance in graphs. My focus has been mainly on extremal results and algorithmic complexity.

Now my concern is more about Algorithmic Game Theory, but I cannot resist a little graph from time to time.