Scientific Relations


Through several national research programs in which we were involved, we had weaved extensive relationships with several French research teams.
Hence, thanks to the MediaGrid project, we had a close cooperation with the database group of the LIG (Grenoble) and IBISC (ex LaMi, Evry), in particular on integration of genomic data and evaluation of flexible queries.

Within the APMD project, led by Mokrane Bouzeghoub, we had strong collaborations with database groups of many CNRS laboratories and INRIA (LINA Nantes, IRIT Toulouse, LIG Grenoble, LIRIS Lyon, IRISA Lannion), in particular on data personalization.

Within the Quadris project, we have close cooperation with three other labs (LSIS Marseille, CEDRIC Paris, IRISA Rennes) and two industrial partners (EDF/DER and Institut Curie).

These collaborations have generated common publications and common research reports. They have particularly consolidated a sparse community which was able to elaborate and acquire new common research projects.


At the international level, we have strong cooperation with U. Fédérale of Pernambuco, Recife, Brasil. Prof. Ana Carolina Salgado spent several short visits in our group and a sabbatical year in 2007-2008. A PhD student from the same university (Carlos Pires) spent also a year in our group (2007-2008). Another PhD student (Damires Fernandes) spent a month in 2008.

From our side, Zoubida Kedad had a visit of Two weeks to Recife. Other cooperation with Brazil includes Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, (Prof. Benadette Farias Loscio). Bernadette had several visits of one month in our group. All these cooperation concerns data integration, P2P systems and data quality. Common publications, reports and projects have been elaborated together.

We have also, since several years, a strong cooperation with La Republica University at Montevideo, Uruguay (Prof. Raul Ruggia). This cooperation was materialized by several common PhD students (Adriana Marotta, Lorena Etchevery, Veronika Peralta). Veronika Peralta spent more than three years in our group while other PhD students had multiple visits to our group.

A common research project has been initiated in 2007 between our group and the previous research groups in the context of STIC-AMSUD program. This project concern data quality and data integration.

Finally, a recent cooperation has been started since 4 years with University of El Cauca, Colombia. Juan Carlos Corrales has performed his PhD research in our group and is now Associate Professor at his former university. Besides, two other students have spent their Master training course in our group. Both of them have worked on Web services and graph matching.

Other fruitful collaborations have also been weaved with University of New South Welse, Sydney (Australia) and University of Trento (Italy). Daniela Grigori had two months visits in each site in 2006 and 2008, respectively.


We have close cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent since 2006. Bilateral cooperation has been signed with our group since beginning of 2007. The PhD thesis of Sofiane Abbar is funded by this contract. Dimitre Kostadinov was recently recruited by this company to work in Bell Labs on application personalization.

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