Séminaire ADAM, Jeudi 16 Avril

Vania Vidal, Professeur à l'Université Fédérale de Ceara à Fortaleza au Brésil, actuellement en visite au PRiSM, fera un séminaire ce jeudi 16/4 à 15h en salle 301 sur l'enrichissement sémantique de données de mobilité (voir description ci-dessous).

A Framework for Semantic Enrichment of Mobility Data with Linked Data

Recently, we have witnessed a growing research area where the representation of movement is not limited to raw trajectory, but is enriched with semantic information, resulting in the so-called semantic trajectories. The process of adding knowledge to raw trajectories is known as semantic enrichment. However, we still miss a comprehensive framework to organize this process and accommodate the different approaches in a single vision.

In my talk, I will present a conceptual framework for the semantic enrichment process of movement data based on Linked Data. The framework is structured into two levels, where the user transforms raw trajectories into semantic trajectories, at the first level, and performs additional analyses on the set of semantic trajectories, at the second level. We argue that the process of semantically enriching a trajectory at the first level can be viewed as a problem of interlinking the components of a trajectory with a Linked Data Mashup view.

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